I’m a firm believer in building up other women. Isn’t it true that we’ve all been on the side of a “mean girl” comment or joke? I know I’ve been on the receiving end of that relationship and it’s no fun. Why must girls be so mean sometimes? Read on and we’ll dig a little deeper here.

The worst part of mean girl comments are that most of the time, we are the ones saying the most terrible things about ourselves… WHAT?! Yep, I know that’s pretty shocking, right? I used to be the most critical person of my mind and body and I wasn’t even aware of what I was doing to my own self. After taking a close look at how I treated myself, I realized that I was putting myself down constantly as if to say I wasn’t smart enough or pretty enough to accomplish the things that mattered to me most. Can you imagine being friends with someone like that? Me neither, yet we live with these thoughts constantly, and most of the time without even realizing it. Talk about the worst feeling ever… and you know what, I really believed those terrible things about myself.

Thank goodness I now have the skills and confidence I need to believe in myself. I can now speak confidently in front of hundreds of people at once and tell them my insecurities without flinching. It’s a pretty empowering feeling if you ask me! The part that is even better is when I feel so great that I want to empower others to have that same feeling of success and accomplishment just by being themselves. Every day I am sure to take opportunities to compliment the women around me on things that I truly appreciate about them. No, I’m not fake about the compliments and I only say things that I mean, which is what gives that power and confidence to those around me.

Do I ever have moments I’m not feeling so hot? You bet. But that’s when I take a moment to do a little positive self talk. Yes, that means telling myself how smart and pretty I am, even when I don’t feel like those things are true. Know why I do it? Because positive thinking breeds more positive thinking. If you think you are beautiful and talented, you WILL BE beautiful and talented… make sense?

By using this practice in my everyday life, I feel like I have the power to live it and breathe it in my workshops and opportunities each time I engage with my clients. Have you told someone how great they are today? What about yourself? Try it, it is really the best gift to give another bad ass girl, including yourself!  ❤



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