I just secured a new partnership and I’m super excited!

As I learn more about the clients that want to improve their confidence, I’ve become so aware of how important it is to continuously build your own skill set. There is no set group of people or individual that knows everything. Yes, we can be experts at some things, but there is always room to learn and grow.

One of my newest partners are a group of women that are already rock stars at just about anything they do. These ladies perform in front of thousands of people on a regular basis and are truly beautiful on the inside and out. They’re advocates for their community and a worldwide brand, which means they are clearly in the spotlight. These women are the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders and they are incredible… let me tell you! When I was initially approached to work with these ladies,  my heart skipped a beat! In my early adulthood, I too was an NFL cheerleader and learned just how crucial it is to be poised, professional and portray the confidence and skills my employer expected me to have. As I felt good about myself and my skills during that time, I’ve since expanded on that initial knowledge and built an incredible set of skills beyond what I had nearly a decade ago.

As I’ve begun creating the workshop content for these ladies, I know how important it is to connect with them. I truly want to learn what makes them tick and what their goals are for the year. To accomplish this, it really takes a lot of hard work and research to personalize their session so that they can take away the best nuggets of information possible to be their best self for the season. While working closely with the Director for the team, I’m incorporating unique content that will allow for them to grow as the football season gears up and throughout their season. I ask probing questions about initial goals, end goals, interests and activities to engage in, pain points, and work to create the best experience each participant through the process. I LOVE personalizing every speaking session I engage in, and this is one primary example of how I get to incorporate my passion and dedication to this job. Can’t wait to score a touchdown with these ladies, GO CARDS! ❤



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