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I’d love to share a little bit of why I’m here in this online space. I gained an interest in helping women when I found myself drowning in negative self-talk, lacking any form of confidence and lost as to how I could reach any of my personal goals. These factors  added up to a life-threatening eating disorder that landed me right into inpatient treatment in 2009. In the hospital, I learned how to love myself from the inside out. Yep… there’s a place to go to learn how to care about yourself + also yes, they should teach you this stuff in school!!! Through 4 years of intense group therapy + 1-1 therapy, I learned how to build myself up + believe in me again.

After reaching a point of recovery from this disease, I knew I wanted to help other girls just like me bring out their inner badass. I started talking to patients in hospitals suffering from eating disorders + shared my personal experiences with them. It was incredible to connect with these patients, and I LOVED the positive feedback I was receiving from professionals in the field. I wanted to become better at connecting with others + encourage people on another level. That’s when I heard about an organization called Toastmasters International. I did some research + became the President of my own all female club + welcomed women in my community to join. As our club President, I led these women to learn the skills + tools to become talented public speakers who now to embrace their former fears of public speaking + the thought of failure or being imperfect.

As I’ve helped others find their voice to speak up regarding topics that matter most, I’ve grown as a person + passionate advocate for women in my community. I’ve witnessed first-hand all of these women embrace the gorgeous person they are inside + out… it’s such a cool thing to be a part of! My passion lies in helping others by building them up to believe in themselves with the best confidence they can possibly possess. Join me to speak confidently in all areas of your life, it’s so much better when you’re standing tall + confident in your own skin!



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