Taking Notes

Super pumped for the newest addition to my workshop material, take a peek at these classy “SPEAK CONFIDENTLY” branded pencils! ❤

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I should disclose now that I LOVE writing snail mail, doodling + taking notes when I learn or hear anything new that I think will add value to my life in any possible way. Why you ask? It just fills my heart when I know that I am continuing to become a better person in my work life as well as my personal life, do you relate? If I had to identify something that is my favorite to expand my expertise on, it would be COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY with people I care about + prioritizing my PERSONAL GOALS… I guess it’s a tie between the two. 😉 I learn a lot by listening to others, reading a lot of books + you guessed it… TAKING NOTES while doing both. Each time I present at a workshop or connect with partners, I write down as much as possible, learning from what they say while taking bits + pieces of what they share with me home to study for our next session together. Learning is MY JAM + I can never get enough of it! 🙂

Personally, I believe that everyone is an expert at their own thing, that we all have the ability to teach others what we know best. Isn’t it true that we can all take a snippet of information home from our best friend, parents, co-workers, teammates + the check out clerk at the grocery store? (Yes I got the best piece of marriage advice ever from a clerk at Fry’s once but that’s a story for another time)! 😉 Ha! Since I learn a lot from others, I keep quite a few notepads handy, write in the margins of the books that I read + when all else fails, I take notes in my phone. Believing firmly that everyone is an expert at something, I also know that the information I offer my partners is important for them because of the particular set of goals + standards they’ve set out to accomplish in the next week, month or year. It will be an absolute THRILL to incorporate these classy little pencils into my workshops starting next weekend to allow for a sweet reminder as they take notes during our session + into their office + onto their personal life after our session is over. Looking forward to reminding my partners that they can SPEAK CONFIDENTLY wherever they go + using them myself… YESSSSSS!

Taking notes today as I prep for next weekend’s sessions with some amazing partners! Cheers to the weekend + taking notes! Yep… I am cheers-ing to taking notes because I can’t believe I get to add such a fun + personalized detail to my workshops! ❤



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