This past weekend I led a workshop on public speaking with the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders + it was such a blast!

It is no secret that I LOVE connecting with women who want to better themselves and work toward a common goal. Who doesn’t?! It’s been a passion of mine for almost a decade to work with other women as I discover how I can learn and grow to be a better person + I’ve been so lucky to work with amazing groups + teams along the way! It wasn’t until this weekend that I worked with one of my favorite teams to date… enter the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders. 🙂 This team is made up of 30 incredible women who are excited to tackle new goals this football season + become better representatives for their employer. Can I just say… YESSSSSS ladies!!!!

Together, we worked to review tips + tricks as to how to address a room of strangers, identified personal goals + steps to achieve them, followed by practicing a hands on activity to practice our public speaking skills. I was truly blown away by the natural talent these women have to connect with their audience + feel comfortable in the spotlight. Their ease + natural poise in front of their peers was something to be noticed + I couldn’t help but to root them on as I watched + coached their timing skills + ability to avoid particular wording and pauses.

What did I enjoy most about this engagement? I’d say it’s a fair tie between two different things. Let me share why I can’t decide…

While working with this group of women, I loved seeing each woman complete her public speaking activity with a smile on her face. Were they nervous at first? I’d say probably a little bit as dancing/performing and speaking in front of an audience are two completely different things! 😉 The team of 30 + their Director all cheered for one another while they encouraged each other, standing in front of a conference room about to try something new + daring. It was such a rush to be a part of this experience as I couldn’t help but to cheer them on myself. This is why I’m all about empowering women, it brings teams or groups of beautiful people together to feel stronger, accomplished, and unified. Can I get a hell yeah?! 🙂


The other reason I loved this particular engagement so much is because I used to be an NFL cheerleader myself. I loved the time I spent on my team as I learned so much from my peers + looked up to the girls who were setting out to accomplish incredible things right before my eyes. It inspired be to become a better person + I had the most amazing role models. What a blessing! It was quite an experience being a part of an organization that brings so many people together in one community. As a cheerleader or dancer, you are given  to connect with others in your community + it’s vital to have the skills + confidence to feel you can represent your organization to be a better team as a whole. Looking forward to working with other teams to build up their leadership and communication skills, it truly fills my heart! ❤




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