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Real talk here today, guys.

I spend quite a bit of energy focusing on positive body image + self-confidence, yet I don’t focus so much on the actual body image goals I’ve conquered myself. This is something I’m looking to change + start to shed more light on! If you follow me on Instagram @mrs.fabulaws + watch Instagram live videos, you may have seen that I was challenged today to step out of my comfort zone + tackle things I don’t normally do. AHHHH!!! Well here is the 2nd task I’m conquering today… I’m talking about BODY IMAGE + my  15+ year battle with my own body.

If you’ve followed my story the past few weeks + read my posts here, you’ll know I am recovered from anorexia + bulimia. It was one of the hardest things I will probably ever accomplish in my life because I was truly addicted to my eating disorder as I believed it gave me life (when reality it was slowly killing me)+ helped me mask what I was really feeling on the inside. My eating disorder also helped me cope with body image issues I had been battling for years. My eating disorder gave me a false sense of security… not to mention a false sense of self-worth.

Being a dancer growing up and an NFL cheerleader into my 20’s, I was always posing + focused on what my body looked like even as a young girl. I learned how to take a good photo + how to position myself as I grew older when I wanted to look slim, happy, prettier… you name it! Are you guilty of posting a half-profile stance with a toe popped pose while you flash your best smile (or half smile to be cool + trendy)? Yep, I thought so! 😉 Instagram is flooding with photos like the description I give here + I’M A PART of that population TOO! I am not perfect + I do want to put my best foot forward… so I am admitting that I need to post more real-moment photos + stop posting so much for the camera. Consider this as my first step toward making that change please! 😉  The message I want to get across here is that it’s perfectly OK to love your un-posed pictures of yourself showing the extra skin, imperfect legs + the things you would normally crop out or include even the outtakes you would otherwise find yourself deleting.

The photo I’m posting here is a real photo of me at the beach with my thighs touching, skin hanging over my swim suit + still having a great time… + guess what… I still think I look beautiful! I have come a long way from the image I used to believe I had to look like + feeling disgusted when I look at myself in the mirror. I am no longer dying to look perfect or have everyone think I am beautiful or have the best abs… because I love who I am + the body I’m in now + that’s what matters most. So let’s get to the good stuff… how did I overcome that fear + learn to love my touching thighs + body (insecurities + all)? Through positive SELF-TALK, saying AFFIRMATIONS to yours truly throughout the day, surrounding myself with other ladies who love themselves, by cutting out shows about body image/modeling + of course lots of therapy! 😉 You might not need to take your body + self-love to therapy, but I do encourage you to tell yourself some positive affirmations each day + let go of that idea of perfect image. It has truly brought me so much happiness + self-confidence letting that idea go. Are you struggling with body image or self-confidence too? Join me + be #bodyconfident by believing in yourself + being kind to your body today! ❤



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