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“Life is about capturing moments. Don’t wait around for them to happen, create them for yourself”!

I felt compelled to write this morning because I feel change coming on. I can’t help but notice that I’m becoming a new person these past few months. My business is growing + I’m becoming much more comfortable talking about my life + the experiences that shaped me into who I am today. The reality of this realization I’ve had is that I AM CHANGING right now, each day.

The good news about this is: I have never been someone who feels like they have to remain the same person they used to be 5 years ago or even yesterday. In fact, I’d say that I’m a firm believer that as long as I am constantly evolving into a better person, I’m on the right track to be who I really want to be. Anybody feel me on this? The bad news: Not everyone likes change or is open to it.

Over the weekend I enjoyed one of the best lunch dates I’ve ever had with a new friend, Marian. Marian is the owner + founder of an incredible company based here in Phoenix, AZ. I LOVE what Marian promotes + teaches her clients as her passion lines up closely with mine. So you can understand why we had a great time chatting! 😉  Together we enjoyed delicious food, talked about boys, summer vacations, our business, + then a topic came up that was a little more serious + that was the topic of change. The truth is, it can be amazing to experience change + it can also be a challenging + painful thing to embrace when it’s unexpected. As we spoke about change, we both agreed that the interesting thing about change is that not everyone changes the same way, or at the same time which creates change itself.

Sometimes change comes in the form of getting a new job, moving across town or to a new country, from a growing family or changes in friendships. Other times change shows its face by making a big purchase like a home or starting or ending an important relationship in our life.  Maybe it’s finding a new hobby or making yourself a priority when you didn’t used to do that before. We talked about how some change was exciting + easy to embrace while other change was more difficult to accept as our new reality. We exchanged thoughts of how each of us handle change in our own life + business which opened a whole new thought process for me, everyone processes change SO differently. While my friend + I had so much in common on this topic, we couldn’t help but to discuss the fact that each person views change differently, sometimes as a scary or “bad” thing that is unwelcomed.  

The change I’ve noticed in recent months for myself is that I’ve found my voice + I’m not afraid to be heard any longer. I am talking about things that matter most to me + I’m sharing those thoughts because I want others to learn from my journey. Unapologetically, I’m sharing my triumphs + battles that have gotten me to where I am today. By no means does me sharing my beliefs or experiences mean that I think I have it all figured out in life (let’s be real, we all know that’s not the case) ;). However I am happy to share where I’ve been & where I’m going because I think there’s power in sharing our experiences with one another. My voice is changing to be heard + I’m evolving to be proud of my journey + where I’ve come from. That is a blessing for me because it’s given me my life back from a very dark place.

The caveat to all of this change I’m sharing with you is that it’s coming back full-circle for me. By sharing my experience + voice on the platforms I do, I’m now receiving personal messages from girls + women each day.  These girls are asking me how to get help, what worked for me when I was battling some difficult times + taking action to become the person they want to be. While I started sharing my story to help others, I didn’t see my journey unfolding the way it is right now. That being said, the change that’s occurred along the way is a true blessing for me + I’m glad my journey is evolving in the direction it’s taken so far. I’m thankful for the change that I’ve made + making the decision to share my life experiences in a public way. 

The point I’m nailing down here is that change is inevitable in life. There are so many directions this journey of life takes us on + it’s so much fun when you embrace it to follow your heart. My friend Marian that I met with yesterday reminded me yesterday that I am on the right track, embracing change + following my passion. It felt SO GOOD to get that positive feedback from her! So my question to you is how do you view change in your life? Do you embrace it or not so much? I’m working to embrace the change I see in my life + my creative ideas each day… it is leading me in a way I never imagined + I’m enjoying every moment of it (even though it’s scary at times). Cheers to loving the person you are now, the person you’re becoming, + the person you will be in 5 years from now. Let’s grow + be our best selves together!

❤ Xoxo,


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