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Have you ever seen a magazine cover or read an article of how you can successfully dress for your body type? I’ve definitely caught myself reading these “how to’s” before… but refuse to allow myself to think I can or can’t wear a certain type of clothing just because an article or fashion editor suggests so. I had this realization over the weekend when I asked my husband to take a photo of me in my swimsuit at the lake. You see, I just purchased this suit + I felt amazing in it! I had him snap a few photos + when I looked at them my mind went to one place right away… I recognized that I din’t look like most girls I see in this style of swimsuit. I wasn’t disappointed or displeased with how I looked in that moment, but looking at that photo took my mind somewhere else.

The thing is, I am sick of missing out on wearing styles of clothes or certain fashion statements that might not flatter me in a certain way. I am 5’4″, I have hips that might be undefined to some + a bust line that allows me to skip wearing a bra (if I really wanted to). I used to look at those articles + relate my body to a particular (fruit shape) or word less than desirable descriptive word such as a box shape or “broad shoulders” or rather “upside down triangle”. Who wants to be known or identified as those things?! So after identifying the shape or fruit my body represents on page 72 or Cosmo or Seventeen, I was then supposed to have the worldly knowledge as to wearing a particular length of skirt to make me look taller, style of blouse to enhance my chest, or style of neck line to make me appear more slim. As a shorter girl, I always wanted to look taller + slimmer growing up so I loved these articles and used them as a valuable fashion guideline to shop + style myself. But those days have changed.

I’ve spent the last week on a family vacation with my husband + packed my favorite, most comfortable clothes. The best part of this trip is that I even purchased a new swimsuit + I feel amazing in it! If I would have followed those “dress for your body type” guidelines on this trip, I guarantee I wouldn’t have ended up with a bathing suit like this because it didn’t have a tie on the top to create the illusion of having bigger bust line or the cleavage many women naturally have. I probably wouldn’t have ended up with a pair of bottoms like this either because I don’t necessarily have a shapely waist or a round bum. In fact, I’m pretty flat all around + that’s perfectly acceptable to me. I do have a body that I am thankful for + I am sick of identifying my body shape or identify how I look to a certain kind of person or fruit shape for that matter.

I don’t need anyone else to guide me on how to look my best anymore. I trust how I feel in my own skin + wearing the things I like the most. That being said, I encourage you to wear what you like + style yourself however you feel fits YOU best, because that’s all that matters! Don’t let your height or a silly shape test from an old magazine tell you that your body determines how you feel or identify yourself. I’m done identifying myself as “box shaped” with no curves. You’re gorgeous + perfect just as you are, so wear the swimsuit or the dress you’ve been putting off because you were afraid it made you look shorter or wider than you think you “should” be. I guarantee that if you feel good, you look even better anyway! 😉




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