Iowa State Photo

I am SO excited to announce that this October, I’ll be speaking at the annual Women’s Empowerment Symposium at Iowa State!

There are endless reasons I’m looking forward to speaking at this event, but perhaps the most exciting motive for me is that this is the kind of ladies I REALLY CONNECT with. The women I’ll be presenting to are female athletes that are working toward a common goal; being their best selves. These women are dedicated to be champions in their sport both on + off the field, competing at the college level. Can you say DREAM AUDIENCE?!

The lady Cyclones have started a tradition of attending a Women’s Empowerment Symposium each fall + this year the focus is on Body Image. It’s no secret that body image is something I’ve battled with in my past. After fighting to overcome my eating disorder after years of work, I have truly learned to really love my body + I’m happy to share my journey + insight with other women. This will be such a unique setting as I’ll be able to incorporate my love for sports, athleticism + share my experience as a former professional athlete.

Stay tuned for updates in the next few weeks! In the meantime, I can’t wait to finalize this dynamic presentation + work with this exceptional group of young women. Looking forward to creating some new relationships in Ames, Iowa! October can’t come soon enough!


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