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The cool thing about doing what I love is that I am able to COMBINE all of my passions into a unique set of skills to work with my dream clients! That being said, I am super pumped that one of my new clients this year are kicking off their season on the football field as the 2017-2018 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders!


I’ve worked with this team a few times this year + I’ve enjoyed getting to know this talented, beautiful group of women over the last few months. When I first met the girls, it was early spring and the team was spending a long weekend working hard at their Mini Camp weekend kicking off their season. I was introduced to the girls after they had been learning new dance routines all morning + excited when they greeted me with energetic smiles + were clearly ready to accept my challenge to work on their public speaking skills for the afternoon. Together we set goals for the year + participated in a team activity to advance our public speaking skills answering interview questions on our feet. The girls were INCREDIBLE + SO POISED right off the bat! It was a blast to collaborate + learn from one another in this intimate setting as a supportive group. My passion to help others express their talents didn’t end in this setting though… After completing this session of the day, we progressed to the dance floor.


In case you didn’t know, I spent 3 years as an NFL cheerleader a few years back. During this time in my life, I really evolved into a young adult + worked to manage full-time college courses, work-life balance + become an organized young professional. During my years as an NFL cheerleader, I excelled in one particular area in the realm of the ever popular kick line style of dance. In fact, I won an award of “Best Kicks” as a member of my team all 3 years that I was with my team! Now that I’m (a little) older, I have to say that I’m pretty sure that my days as a performer have surpassed me, but I am still involved in the dance world in other ways!


I also lead workshops in order to help professional dancers showcase their talents. I was in serious luck when this team asked me to work on kicks with them because they are already super flexible + very hard workers… let me tell you! 🙂  I taught these ladies a challenging kick combo with some fun footwork + they worked hard to master it over the summer. I was super excited that when I went back to visit the girls at practice a few weeks ago, I learned they had been practicing the kick choreography I taught them in the spring + they had mastered the technique beautifully! WOOT WOOT! Way to go ladies!


I am one serious football fan + look forward to the end of summer every year because it means my favorite sport is back. It’s a major plus that I get to watch the talented + beautiful Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders perform again all season long, + see their skills come to life in an exciting manner that I’ve been able to get involved with! Did I mention it’s been incredible to combine my passions in life to do what I love most?! Looking forward to working with these girls again + other amazing teams as well! These women are truly a talented team as well as beautiful inside + out! I’m blessed to have worked with them this season, Go Cards!



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  1. This is so wonderful, Ashley! ❤


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