Passion Planner

Have you ever caught yourself too busy to do the things most important to you, even though you really want to do something? Yep, me too. I truly feel as though we live in a world where we are all “so busy” that we get caught up telling everyone just how busy we are while we run around from one volunteer event, to brunch, to a work thing, + then home just in time to watch some silly reality show that really shouldn’t be a priority in the first place, but we need an escape from the chaos. Sound about right?

I have been catching myself caught up in this “busy” web far too often + it’s time to cut out all of the crap. I’ve sat down over the holiday weekend to prioritize the stuff that matters most to me. It doesn’t mean that the things that were at the bottom of my list weren’t important, it just means that it was time for me to re-structure what was taking the front seat of my crazy ride + check it back in the driveway. Sometimes all of the chaos doesn’t deserve a ride after all.

It’s true that I volunteer, I’m the Vice-Chair of a women’s training organization, I mentor girls + women, I’m an officer of an all-women’s Toastmaster’s public speaking group, married, just bought my first house with my incredible husband + I’m trying to find the time to manage my blog + grocery shop once a week… yikes! All of these things are super important to me but I need a space to keep it all in order (+ if I’m being honest, keep myself in-check). I know you’re busy with your commitments, finding time to work out, try that new recipe you’ve been wanting to get around to, have lunch with an old friend, do something for you. This might be the thing that helps you prioritize your life too!

I’ve been using Passion Planner for 3 years now + I can honestly say that’s it’s transformed the way I think about what I commit to, how I prioritize my day + what I allow time to worry about or have fun doing each week. Check out the gorgeous designs + options on + find the planner that best suits your lifestyle. When you find it, don’t forget to use my code: ALAW10 to receive your 10% off discount too! 😉 I’m so grateful for this planner + I think it just might help you transform your priorities too!



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