Just Strong

Have you been seeing all of the ads pop up on your social media accounts lately? There’s so many girls that have partnerships with discount codes + promote some crazy stuff. I’d be lying if I said I never wanted to be that girl, because I think it’s pretty cool to have a company believe in you, the message you send + the influence you might have on others. Am I right? The exciting thing is, I landed my first paid partnership about a year ago + it was something I could really get behind. I was a brand ambassador for my favorite planner company, Passion Planner. I had been using the planner for about 3 ½ years at the time + was asked to share how I used Passion Planner to document my speaking engagements, networking events + social connections within the public speaking world while balancing my day-to-day life. I was even given my own discount code… just like the girls I kept seeing all over my social media feed! I was on top of the world because I really believed in this brand + I was excited to share it with my friends, family + the small following I had created on my social media accounts.

To me, a company that values the same things as me such as body confidence, women supporting one another, going for their dreams, taking a chance + putting themselves out there is one that I LOVE. It’s been a really exciting road this past year to be approached by companies that I’ve supported for years, + those that are newer to the world, looking to make an impact just the same. I want women to feel comfortable in their skin, to be ok if their stomach flubs over their pants when they sit, who has cellulite on her bum when the world is saying “get it right + tight for summer… UGH I can’t stand that saying. I also want girls to feel empowered to ask for help when they need it. This is why I chose to share my story + what I hope will continue to empower others to do on a daily basis…. because spoiler alert: nobody is perfect… not even all the Instagram Famous girls who have 25 discount codes + tens of partnerships. Yup, I said it.

It has been pretty cool to receive emails on my website + DM’s on my Instagram page that companies want to partner with me on a promotion or initiative. While it’s exciting to have my inbox filling up (and not quickly by any means but I’ll just say it’s not collecting dust anymore), I am being very selective of the people I want to partner with. Why? Because I’ not willing to sacrifice what I stand for + the things I support in my daily life. The people I want to work with have already established strong beliefs to support women, they push others in a positive manner to follow their dreams + they unapologetically have STOPPED TRYING TO BE PERFECT! How hard is that to do in a world of social media and get a following?!

I am a minimalist and I shop just a few times a year. When I do shop, I find what fits my personality + lifestyle, I would also say I’m not a huge follower of trends. I support businesses that align with my personal goals + belief system… plain + simple. It can be easy to get lost in the shuffle of followers or the competition of how many “likes” you can rack up over an hour or a day after sharing something on your feed, but the true meaning of this is one thing. Stay true to who you are, keep social media social, share what’s on your heart in a real, authentic way. Be kind to people + network fearlessly with the people that make your heart beat just a little faster. The minimalist lifestyle I’ve embraced has really made my life easier when it comes to getting dressed each morning, picking out clothes for presentations and speaking engagements, and when I get dressed to work out in the morning.

With all of this being said, I’d love for you to check out the women’s athletic clothing company I’m now an ambassador for, Just Strong. I LOVE this company because they empower women to be in their bodies just as they are. The company is founded by women + they support girls who want to work out for themselves, not to lose the weight or look like the girl on the billboards. These workout pants are giving me life! …Plus they are super soft + I’m totally wearing them all over town on the weekends! If you like their gear too, shop with my code, “ASHLAW10” for 10% off… WOOT! Align, I’m all about lining up your passion with your real-life goals. I’m not trying to be the famous girls with all of the ads + discounts, but I will share the companies that I support here because I think that’s what life is all about, finding the things that make you happy, + to me, one of those things is being Just Strong. Check it out: .




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