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Women's Symposium

Before we connect, I’d like to tell you a little bit about me + how I got here, a public speaker + blogger. I’m a Midwest born girl who now resides in the Phoenix area. with my incredible husband + very high maintenance Teacup Yorkie, Scout. 😉 I love riding my bike in our neighborhood, reading for pleasure, just completed my 1st half marathon, working toward my Master’s degree in Psychology + enjoy a good Netflix binge session. Ha! Sound like someone you know? I am also a girl who gets a thrill out of accomplishing extraordinary things… probably a lot like you!

I’m a public speaker who specializes in encouraging women’s self-confidence + body love. I started my speaking sessions in 2011 connecting with eating disorder patients in hospitals around the state of Arizona. Why there you ask?! I began my journey to self confidence in 2009 while recovering from an eating disorder (Rosewood Ranch Center for Eating Disorders saved my life) … Let me tell you I’ve since come a LONG WAY! 🙂 Fast forward to 2011, I began giving back to others who were going through the same process I did. My passion really started as a speaker who connected with girls looking to dream bigger + get to a place where they could work on themselves + have hope for who they would become in their recovery. I discussed real life situations + dug deep into conversations about self love, setting goals + coming up with a plan to achieve these goals in a realistic way. I worked with adolescents + adults by serving as a MENTOR + FRIEND all while speaking at hospitals. It has been + always will be an incredible experience for me to give back to others facing this challenging battle.

When I started speaking to these groups, I began telling my friends + family about what I was sharing with these patients. As I shared more, I realized there are SO many women in this world (non-eating disordered, beautiful women + many of them my own FRIENDS) who could totally benefit from content I was discussing in my workshops. This became evident when I started becoming the go-to girl for their questions about work problems, relationship dilemmas + what to do about general life situations. That’s when I began realizing it was time to take that leap + become a more established speaker to share this information with other beautiful women I knew would benefit from my life experiences + the skills I’d acquired.

That’s when I started a Toastmasters club + became the President of my organization where I lead other women just like me to becoming the confident leaders + speakers they wanted to be. What did I have in common with these girls? They were all looking to become a better employee, leader + woman. We all became instant friends (+ better speakers too) 😉 I have since been recognized by Toastmasters International as an established speaker + won a few awards.

I’ve made television appearances on networks such as ABC + NBC as an advocate for speaking up in difficult situations as I urge women to be their best + healthy self… mind + body. My HEART IS FULL when I work with women to reach their personal + professional goals of any kind! I do this by speaking in settings of small + large groups or teams of women in the workplace. I create unique workshops + prepare speaking sessions of many kinds to help girls + women reach their set of personalized goals. ❤

If it sounds like we’d be fast friends or you’d like me to speak at your upcoming event, send me a message through my “let’s connect” link at the top of my page!





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