This past weekend I led a workshop on public speaking with the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders + it was such a blast!

It is no secret that I LOVE connecting with women who want to better themselves and work toward a common goal. Who doesn’t?! It’s been a passion of mine for almost a decade to work with other women as I discover how I can learn and grow to be a better person + I’ve been so lucky to work with amazing groups + teams along the way! It wasn’t until this weekend that I worked with one of my favorite teams to date… enter the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders. 🙂 This team is made up of 30 incredible women who are excited to tackle new goals this football season + become better representatives for their employer. Can I just say… YESSSSSS ladies!!!!

Together, we worked to review tips + tricks as to how to address a room of strangers, identified personal goals + steps to achieve them, followed by practicing a hands on activity to practice our public speaking skills. I was truly blown away by the natural talent these women have to connect with their audience + feel comfortable in the spotlight. Their ease + natural poise in front of their peers was something to be noticed + I couldn’t help but to root them on as I watched + coached their timing skills + ability to avoid particular wording and pauses.

What did I enjoy most about this engagement? I’d say it’s a fair tie between two different things. Let me share why I can’t decide…

While working with this group of women, I loved seeing each woman complete her public speaking activity with a smile on her face. Were they nervous at first? I’d say probably a little bit as dancing/performing and speaking in front of an audience are two completely different things! 😉 The team of 30 + their Director all cheered for one another while they encouraged each other, standing in front of a conference room about to try something new + daring. It was such a rush to be a part of this experience as I couldn’t help but to cheer them on myself. This is why I’m all about empowering women, it brings teams or groups of beautiful people together to feel stronger, accomplished, and unified. Can I get a hell yeah?! 🙂


The other reason I loved this particular engagement so much is because I used to be an NFL cheerleader myself. I loved the time I spent on my team as I learned so much from my peers + looked up to the girls who were setting out to accomplish incredible things right before my eyes. It inspired be to become a better person + I had the most amazing role models. What a blessing! It was quite an experience being a part of an organization that brings so many people together in one community. As a cheerleader or dancer, you are given  to connect with others in your community + it’s vital to have the skills + confidence to feel you can represent your organization to be a better team as a whole. Looking forward to working with other teams to build up their leadership and communication skills, it truly fills my heart! ❤





Taking Notes

Super pumped for the newest addition to my workshop material, take a peek at these classy “SPEAK CONFIDENTLY” branded pencils! ❤

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I should disclose now that I LOVE writing snail mail, doodling + taking notes when I learn or hear anything new that I think will add value to my life in any possible way. Why you ask? It just fills my heart when I know that I am continuing to become a better person in my work life as well as my personal life, do you relate? If I had to identify something that is my favorite to expand my expertise on, it would be COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY with people I care about + prioritizing my PERSONAL GOALS… I guess it’s a tie between the two. 😉 I learn a lot by listening to others, reading a lot of books + you guessed it… TAKING NOTES while doing both. Each time I present at a workshop or connect with partners, I write down as much as possible, learning from what they say while taking bits + pieces of what they share with me home to study for our next session together. Learning is MY JAM + I can never get enough of it! 🙂

Personally, I believe that everyone is an expert at their own thing, that we all have the ability to teach others what we know best. Isn’t it true that we can all take a snippet of information home from our best friend, parents, co-workers, teammates + the check out clerk at the grocery store? (Yes I got the best piece of marriage advice ever from a clerk at Fry’s once but that’s a story for another time)! 😉 Ha! Since I learn a lot from others, I keep quite a few notepads handy, write in the margins of the books that I read + when all else fails, I take notes in my phone. Believing firmly that everyone is an expert at something, I also know that the information I offer my partners is important for them because of the particular set of goals + standards they’ve set out to accomplish in the next week, month or year. It will be an absolute THRILL to incorporate these classy little pencils into my workshops starting next weekend to allow for a sweet reminder as they take notes during our session + into their office + onto their personal life after our session is over. Looking forward to reminding my partners that they can SPEAK CONFIDENTLY wherever they go + using them myself… YESSSSSS!

Taking notes today as I prep for next weekend’s sessions with some amazing partners! Cheers to the weekend + taking notes! Yep… I am cheers-ing to taking notes because I can’t believe I get to add such a fun + personalized detail to my workshops! ❤




Updated Cropped Profile Photo

Thanks for popping by!


I’d love to share a little bit of why I’m here in this online space. I gained an interest in helping women when I found myself drowning in negative self-talk, lacking any form of confidence and lost as to how I could reach any of my personal goals. These factors  added up to a life-threatening eating disorder that landed me right into inpatient treatment in 2009. In the hospital, I learned how to love myself from the inside out. Yep… there’s a place to go to learn how to care about yourself + also yes, they should teach you this stuff in school!!! Through 4 years of intense group therapy + 1-1 therapy, I learned how to build myself up + believe in me again.

After reaching a point of recovery from this disease, I knew I wanted to help other girls just like me bring out their inner badass. I started talking to patients in hospitals suffering from eating disorders + shared my personal experiences with them. It was incredible to connect with these patients, and I LOVED the positive feedback I was receiving from professionals in the field. I wanted to become better at connecting with others + encourage people on another level. That’s when I heard about an organization called Toastmasters International. I did some research + became the President of my own all female club + welcomed women in my community to join. As our club President, I led these women to learn the skills + tools to become talented public speakers who now to embrace their former fears of public speaking + the thought of failure or being imperfect.

As I’ve helped others find their voice to speak up regarding topics that matter most, I’ve grown as a person + passionate advocate for women in my community. I’ve witnessed first-hand all of these women embrace the gorgeous person they are inside + out… it’s such a cool thing to be a part of! My passion lies in helping others by building them up to believe in themselves with the best confidence they can possibly possess. Join me to speak confidently in all areas of your life, it’s so much better when you’re standing tall + confident in your own skin!




I just secured a new partnership and I’m super excited!

As I learn more about the clients that want to improve their confidence, I’ve become so aware of how important it is to continuously build your own skill set. There is no set group of people or individual that knows everything. Yes, we can be experts at some things, but there is always room to learn and grow.

One of my newest partners are a group of women that are already rock stars at just about anything they do. These ladies perform in front of thousands of people on a regular basis and are truly beautiful on the inside and out. They’re advocates for their community and a worldwide brand, which means they are clearly in the spotlight. These women are the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders and they are incredible… let me tell you! When I was initially approached to work with these ladies,  my heart skipped a beat! In my early adulthood, I too was an NFL cheerleader and learned just how crucial it is to be poised, professional and portray the confidence and skills my employer expected me to have. As I felt good about myself and my skills during that time, I’ve since expanded on that initial knowledge and built an incredible set of skills beyond what I had nearly a decade ago.

As I’ve begun creating the workshop content for these ladies, I know how important it is to connect with them. I truly want to learn what makes them tick and what their goals are for the year. To accomplish this, it really takes a lot of hard work and research to personalize their session so that they can take away the best nuggets of information possible to be their best self for the season. While working closely with the Director for the team, I’m incorporating unique content that will allow for them to grow as the football season gears up and throughout their season. I ask probing questions about initial goals, end goals, interests and activities to engage in, pain points, and work to create the best experience each participant through the process. I LOVE personalizing every speaking session I engage in, and this is one primary example of how I get to incorporate my passion and dedication to this job. Can’t wait to score a touchdown with these ladies, GO CARDS! ❤




I’m a firm believer in building up other women. Isn’t it true that we’ve all been on the side of a “mean girl” comment or joke? I know I’ve been on the receiving end of that relationship and it’s no fun. Why must girls be so mean sometimes? Read on and we’ll dig a little deeper here.

The worst part of mean girl comments are that most of the time, we are the ones saying the most terrible things about ourselves… WHAT?! Yep, I know that’s pretty shocking, right? I used to be the most critical person of my mind and body and I wasn’t even aware of what I was doing to my own self. After taking a close look at how I treated myself, I realized that I was putting myself down constantly as if to say I wasn’t smart enough or pretty enough to accomplish the things that mattered to me most. Can you imagine being friends with someone like that? Me neither, yet we live with these thoughts constantly, and most of the time without even realizing it. Talk about the worst feeling ever… and you know what, I really believed those terrible things about myself.

Thank goodness I now have the skills and confidence I need to believe in myself. I can now speak confidently in front of hundreds of people at once and tell them my insecurities without flinching. It’s a pretty empowering feeling if you ask me! The part that is even better is when I feel so great that I want to empower others to have that same feeling of success and accomplishment just by being themselves. Every day I am sure to take opportunities to compliment the women around me on things that I truly appreciate about them. No, I’m not fake about the compliments and I only say things that I mean, which is what gives that power and confidence to those around me.

Do I ever have moments I’m not feeling so hot? You bet. But that’s when I take a moment to do a little positive self talk. Yes, that means telling myself how smart and pretty I am, even when I don’t feel like those things are true. Know why I do it? Because positive thinking breeds more positive thinking. If you think you are beautiful and talented, you WILL BE beautiful and talented… make sense?

By using this practice in my everyday life, I feel like I have the power to live it and breathe it in my workshops and opportunities each time I engage with my clients. Have you told someone how great they are today? What about yourself? Try it, it is really the best gift to give another bad ass girl, including yourself!  ❤