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I’ve had the opportunity to create some amazing partnerships instructing personal workshops,  speaking at various events in my community + making appearances on major television networks. Words of affirmation from contacts I work with help build the relationships I’ve created + help me impact the women I’m setting out to empower. Read on to see what some of my partners have had to share about me + what I do.

“Ashley Law was our keynote speaker at the annual Cyclone Women’s Empowerment Symposium at Iowa State University. Ashley shared he story and recovery with female student-athletes and staff at the Iowa State Athletic Department. I was ecstatic to have Ashley come to address our student-athletes to discuss body image, eating disorder awareness, and confidence in sport, as it is a topic simply not covered enough with this population.  Following the presentation, Ashley shared that she had several student-athletes reaching out and contacting her sharing their stories and showing appreciation for sharing her own. That is what it’s all about! Ashley’s ability to connect with the student-athletes in the room was outstanding. I know from my interactions with Ashley that she is 100% committed to sharing her story and empowering people in the process.”

-Samantha Paige, Student Athlete Affairs, Iowa State University

samantha paige

“I had the pleasure of working with Ashley on a recent project involving eating disorders.  She was open, honest and willing to share her courageous battle in an effort to help and educate others.  The impact of Ashley’s first hand, personal and inspirational account lent credibility and authenticity to a subject that can be difficult and confusing. I appreciated Ashley’s poise, her thoughtful delivery and compassion to help. She offered expertise combined with sensitivity and delivered her story in an inspirational and motivational way.

I know from interactions with Ashley that she is committed to helping people–and women in particular—garner greater amounts of self-worth and confidence.  I firmly believe she can be impactful in these areas and many more. This is a person who can motivate, educate and empower people to find the hero inside of them. I am proud to call her a friend, Thank you Ashley.”

-Kevin Kennedy, reporter 12 News

kevin kennedy


“Working with Ashley was such an honor, I enjoyed every minute of it. She is dedicated, and extremely passionate about bringing awareness to those about eating disorders. Ashley was easy to get in touch with and replied to my emails in a timely manner,  she made working with you very enjoyable. Watching her speak at the Mental Health Summit motivated me to continue to use my voice for those who aren’t quite ready to say, I too have a Mental Illness. I know those who I spoke with, were so excited to hear you speak. They asked when she is coming back.”

-Michelle Di Muria, Arizona State University Engaging Minds


“As a recovery coach in the mental health field, I find that we lack people who are able and willing to share their personal stories and struggles.  Ashley has always been a point person for me when I needed someone.  She has a gift when it comes to connecting with people.  She has heart and compassion.  Most importantly, she listens and validates.  Our clients, adults and children, men and women, all love when she is on campus.  Her visits are genuine and never rushed.  Her smile is beautiful and she makes everyone feel important.

Ashley is a leader and a role model for self acceptance.”

-Shannon Hershkowitz
Recovery Coach
Rosewood Ranch Center for Eating Disorders

shannon h


I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley Law as a member of the Junior League of Phoenix. Ashley was asked to take on the task of starting a Toastmasters club for our organization and did so with gusto and enthusiasm. This was a job she did well for a year on top of her regular placement in our organization.

Ashley was able to get our charter started, recruit members to participate and lead a group of women looking to improve their public speaking skills. She is organized, kind, and a leads by example. As President of the Junior League I felt so strongly about how well she was doing as the President of our Toastmasters club, I awarded her the President’s Award for the Junior League of Phoenix for the month of December. Out of over 1000 members in our organization, this award is only given to one member each month and Ashley was one of the lucky 12 to receive it last year.

I enjoy working with Ashley and look forward to seeing where this journey through the Junior League of Phoenix and Toastmasters takes her. Both organizations are focused on developing the potential of women and I know Ashley will continue to excel at this.”

Cathy Comer
Junior League of Phoenix
President 2016-2018

cathy comer


“Ashley Law has not only empowered others via her work through the Junior League of Phoenix, she has also assisted by chartering a Toastmasters Club for the organization.

In her role as President, she is empowering these ladies through leadership and communication as set forth by Toastmasters International. By continuously providing a supportive and positive environment in which the members are encourage to develop these skills, she has not only assisted in their individual goals, but in the club’s goals as a whole.

I have been honored to hear Ashley speak about her involvement with speaking about eating disorders. Her love for the work that she does is evident with every sentence that she speaks. Not only does she inspire her audience to take action, she brings awareness to an issue that is generally passé to speak about openly.

I look forward to seeing her continued success and am honored to be associated with a truly remarkable lady.”

Angelica Delgado, Advance Communicator Gold, Advanced Leader Bronze, 2016-2017 Zuni 6 Area Director, 2017-2018 Zuni Division Director

angelica delgado


“Ms. Ashley Law was an outstanding leader and mentor to the Girl Scout Troop my daughter participated in.  She is dynamic, a great leader and wonderful with children. Ashley is responsible, kind, compassionate and remarkable with kids.  She is able to teach, lead, mentor and help motivate to achieve needed goals both academically and behaviorally.  I would wholeheartedly nominate Ashley Law for any scholarship or position that would help further her leadership skills to empower girls and women in any capacity.  You will be blessed to work with this amazing young woman who goes the extra mile for kids and youth.  She is a hard worker and so compassionate!”

Peace and Love,


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